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Happy Wraps Hot Cold Lavender Eye Pillows and Herbal Neck Wraps.

Microwave or Freeze.  Made in the USA since 1991.

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UPC:  635934434555


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What People Are Saying:


Stacey T.

Thank you so much!!!

This is one awesome eye pillow. The first thing that met me after I opened it up with the smell of lavender!

This wasn't a hint of lavender, this was like a field of fresh lavender! The seller didn't skimp out on the lavender at all.

The size and coverage of this eye pillow is perfect. It covers part of the forehead and down to your nose, which if you have migraine's like me it blocks out the light while covering your temples on both sides.

It is made of purple silk material so its soft on your face without scratching it.

You can pop in the freezer for a cooling relief, or add to the microwave for a soft heat when applied. The smell is absolutely amazing!


Pros- The wonderful lavender scent is bountiful, the size of this, the weight ( it isnt to heavy adding more pressure nor is it to light, it'll block out the light when your head is pounding, last but not least have I mentioned the great smell? lol!


Cons- I have not found 1 con about this.


Over all my final thoughts, this should get more then a 5 star rating for the reasons I stated above. But you can also use on your neck, on your knee, on your belly, really anywhere that you have aches. This relaxes you when you have a migraine from the scent, blocking out the light and the size of this.

Excellent product all around!

Lauren S.

Needed this!

There are four universal truths: 1. Day will follow night 2. If you go to the grocery store without make-up your biggest high school crush will be there with his beautiful new wife 3. Cats throw up on new carpeting and 4. If you’re an adult with children/a job/in-laws/or bills, you’re going to get headaches. These are just laws of nature or something.

The Happy Wraps Eye Pillow can’t stop day from following night but that’s about the only thing that it can’t help with. I tuck this satiny soft little bundle of happiness in the microwave for about 30 seconds and not only can’t I see the cat throwing up on my new carpeting, I completely, for about 20 minutes, don’t care.

I really do make a valiant attempt at staying away from over the counter medications: there’s just too many risks and unknowns and when I have a choice, I’ll always take the least invasive approach to managing health concerns. Since I’ve been a (relatively) functioning adult with all of the adult trappings I’ve been plagued by the same headaches that I’m sure all adults get every so often. This lavender scented eye pillow offers serious relief from my stress headaches (those top-of-the-head pounding headaches) and from weather and allergy related sinus headaches (those behind-the-eyes headaches). I think that I enjoy the zen-like peacefulness that the scent offers as much as I appreciate the headache relief. My kiddo told me it was my “eye Prozac” (for a teenager that can’t see a vomiting cat that is 4 and half feet away from his gaming chair to see a difference in me, that difference must be pretty significant).

I was given the opportunity to try this wonderfully scented eye pillow at a promotional cost for evaluation and an unbiased review and the next time I see Jimmy L at the grocery store staring happily at his new wife, and the next time Mr. Freckles decides that my not-yet-paid-for carpet needs to meet his furball, and the next time the mortgage company number comes up on caller ID, I’m just going to grab my ‘eye Prozac’ and take another little adult time out.

Susie S.

I'm in love!!!

I love love love this eye pillow. I have always been quite the fan of hot therapy (which this bag can be used for) but I am not in love with using it cold. I am not a huge fan of the lavender normally but thankfully this eye pillow is not too overwhelming. I keep the bag in a Ziploc and keep it in the freezer all the time so it is ready to use. I have found myself using it almost nightly. I have poor eye sight so by the end of the day my eyes are very sore and I sometimes get a headache. This bag is the perfect solution for both of those problems. A few minutes resting with the bag on my eyes or my head and I feel so much better. The soft, silky material stays cool for quite some time before needing to go back into the freezer.

  1. Each Luxurious Spa Lavender Eye Pillow Yoga Eye Pillow Lavender filled Eye Pillows provide calming aromatherapy for relaxation and stress relief.

  2. Featuring beautiful silky soft fabric filled with organic flax seed and natural french lavender flowers.

  3. Also, a great Sleeping Eye Mask blocks out light completely with no uncomfortable straps.

  4. The Perfect Lavender Yoga Eye Pillow for Yoga class to enjoy inner deep relaxation and light acupressure that the organic flax seed provides to refresh and rejuvenate tired achy eyes.

  5. Use Cold - Chill it in the freezer to reduce swelling, for headache and migraine relief, soothe tired puffy eyes, relieve stress and anxiety.

  6. Use Warm - Heat in the Microwave for 30 seconds to relieve sinus pain, Sprinkle a tiny bit of water on your Eye Pillow, microwave 30 seconds for moist therapy for dry eyes.

  7. Ingredients - Happy Wraps Lavender Eye Pillow - Yoga Eye Pillow contains the Freshest and Finest Organic Flax Seed and French Lavender Buds in every eye pillow. We never use fillers or oils that offer a short term effect.

  8. Made In The USA Since 1991: Happy Wraps is the largest manufacturer of lavender eye pillows, yoga eye pillows and herbal neck wraps.








  1. Designer Luxury Microwavable Aromatherapy Herbal Neck Wrap.

  2. Includes Free matching French Lavender Eye Pillow and enjoy a perfect nights sleep with our Lights Out Sleep Mask. Our Gifts to You.

  3. Simply put......Our Neck Wraps Work! Perfect for Stress Relief, Neck Pain, Arthritis & Migraines. Hot, Cold Therapy all in one. Relax in the soothing warmth of a cozy herbal neck wrap.

  4. Filled with our Relaxing 12 Herb Blend & Organic Flax Seed. Microwave 1 minutes for relaxing warmth. Chill in freezer for cold therapy. Size: One size fits all Weight 2.5 lbs 100% Natural & reusable, lasts for years

  5. The ultimate in pain and stress relief. Soothing warmth and aromatherapy simply melts away pain, tension and stiffness from neck, back and shoulder areas leaving your body refreshed, relaxed and renewed.










Hot Cold Therapy Herbal Neck Wrap

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Hot Cold Therapy Lavender Eye Pillow

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